Welding core barrel bit on site

7 Points to Weld a Perfect Core Barrel Roller Bit


We all know how trick it can be when comes to use a Core Barrel Roller Bit. Using roller bit is not like using the bullet teeth, while bad welding can make the whole expensive tools scrapped without even into the piling hole. 

The following 7 points can help you weld and replace our core barrel roller bit confidently.

1. Cut the right gap

Cut gap on core barrel at proper dimensions, gap-width should not be left too big. Half to 2/3 height of cones should be out of barrel-top after welding. Steel plates on two sides of the cones should be chamfered.

cut the right angle on the core barrel

The half hide cone is mainly to protect the body snapped when piling extreme uneven formation.

2. Always use even numbers

Roller bit numbers in one core barrel should be even to facilitate the measurement of the diameter. Each pair of opposite roller bits distance shall keep the same.

3. Right angle

The angle of the welding roller bit should be position as 5-6 degree. This is to protect the vulnerable shirttail place and maximize the cutting surface.

piling roller bit core barrel right welding angle

4. Same flat & circle

Keep all cones at the same height and same round circle, protruding roller bit will be broken easily.

5. Right distance

The outward and inward roller bit should overlap to the right position ( the most outside point on the outward bit to the most inside point on the inside bit should be 120mm-140mm), otherwise the inner circle of the roller bit will be worn out quickly.

roller bit core barrel welding right distance

6. Cooling down

Put and cool roller cones in water, do not finish welding at short time but by steps keep temperature at low level, especially cool the cap between arm and cone. High temperature may damage seal O-ring or lubrication system.

7. Welding by steps

Roller bit should be welded evenly and slightly to fix the position, then apply the full welding, otherwise the roller bits and angle will change.

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