HDD Tricone Pilot Bit

TCI or Steel Tool bit with extra gauge protection, specially made for HDD application

Performance feature:


This product line may have either steel teeth or TCI. To increase bit life, steel teeth are hardfaced with wear-resistant tungsten carbide based material. Depending on the rock hardness, either sides surfaces or side and end surfaces of steel are hardfaced.

The gauge may be protected with tungsten carbide inserts. For additional protection against gauge loss,a near gauge of tungsten carbide insert may be used.

Bit lubrication system is designed to compensate grease consumption and pressure during long-term operation. It consists of a grease reservoir with a rigidly mounted cap, a flexible diaphram, a metal canister protecting the diaphram from breakage, and channels to connect the grease reservoir with friction area in bearing.

HDD tricone pilot bit
HDD Steel Tooth Tricone Bit
HDD Steel tooth tricone bit


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