Roller Bit Pro

Toughest Roller bit tailored for piling

Bit-Pro (MH-3) roller bit is FIRMTECH latest and most promising design. It comes from long time working with clients, deeply understanding the operational problem. It solves the quick welding and high torque drilling weight conflict demand in the same time. 

Cominbed with latest 3rd generation full faced cone. You can expect it will outperform any bit in the piling industry. 

piling roller bit pro back
piling roller bit pro side view
piling roller bit pro cone

Full Faced Random Inserts Layout

piling roller bit pro body

The 3rd Generation Falt XL Body

piling roller bit pro grease system

Vacuum Grease System

Right inserts for right rock

Covers all types of rock from your specially project


chisel piling roller bit cone


100-120 Mpa


conical-piling roller bit cone


120-140 Mpa


ballistic piling roller bit cone


130-180 Mpa



150-250 Mpa

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Any of the below situation happens, you will get a FREE replacement.

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We are committed to tack the most challenging hard rock project. Our knowledgeable sales staff will find the right tool and solution to make your project more efficient and profitable.

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