PDC Pilot Bit

Times faster than tricone for the right formation

PDC bits used as HDD pilot bit is more and more common in these days. 

When comes to the soft and medium soft formation like sandstone, lime stone, the penetration speed can be multiple times faster than the conventional tricone bits. 

FIRMTECH PDC Pilot bit are specially made for HDD application. It chooses most efficient cutters and blade design to maximize the working life.

HDD PDC Pilot Bits
HDD PDC Pilot bit detail



Each FIRMTECH PDC bit is a high quality craftmanship. 

There is a tremendous satisfaction to build a tool people can trust and count on.

Half Made PDC bit


We are committed to tack the most challenging hard rock project. Our knowledgeable sales staff will find the right tool and solution to make your project more efficient and profitable.

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