Bullet Teeth

Best Carbide Tips + Master of Brazing

FIRMTECH bullet teeth is using the best imported high coarse carbide tips to ensure the tops durability in the tough working situation. The high coarse structure’s better heat conduction ability helps to reduce the bullet teeth working temperature.

All the bullet teeth are welded by the automatic welding line for production efficiency. By using heat treatment and welding line integrated method, it only demands one time heating, making the heat disturbing to the carbide tip to the minimum.

You can expect longer working time and less premature wear-out and break failure.

Welding Line Bullet Teeth


Body treatment selection

Laser Brazing Bullet Teeth
Laser Fusion (P)

Laser Fusion is using the laser to melt the hard facing material. It is idea choice when the formation is highly wear-out.

Bullet inserted Bullet Teeth
Carbide Bullets (B)

The Carbide bullets are inserted vertical into the body. It keeps high impact resistant while remains maximum body protection. Best in Cobble formation.

Carbide Strips Bullet Teeth
Carbide Strips (T)

Numbers Carbide Strip is inserted to the body to protect the body head to resist the hardest wearout. Good for the red sandstone ect.

Big Fat Body Bit
Big fat Body (B)

Body head has been made extra size. A cheaper and better option for cobble formation.

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